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Posted: Aug 2, 2006


Sci-Fi Icons

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Iconset: Solar Patrol Icons by Iconfactory (44 icons)

Solar Patrol Icons
Artist: Iconfactory (Available for custom work)
License: Free for personal desktop use only.
Commercial usage: Not allowed
Readme file: readme.html
Words from the Artist:
Created as my entry into the Iconfactory's Pixelpalooza '98 (before I joined),
this set is completely original. The characters are completely our own, although the idea that denizens of the asteroid belt would all wear their hair in a Mohawk is a tribute to Larry Niven's "Known Space" cycle.

Some of the character names were generated with the use of The MST3K Action Hero Name Generator, a hilarious piece of freeware created by Timothy Brown of GL Software. I could barely work, I was laughing so hard...

Have fun exploring the Solar System!

- Dave

Icons contained in set (44 icons)

Showing 1-44 of 44 icons
Showing 1-44 of 44 icons