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Posted: Aug 8, 2006


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Iconset: JurassIcon Park Icons by Davis&Simmons (6 icons)

JurassIcon Park Icons
Artist: Davis&Simmons
License: Freeware
Commercial usage: Allowed
Readme file: RevisedReadMe.txt
Credit to the author is required.
Words from the Artist:
This oh-so-wittily-named collection of general-purpose dinosaur icons was created in the aftermath of the 1993 MacHack hack show. Slapped together by Mark Simmons, it derives from a dinosaur obsession that I suffered the entire con (for which I blame Bill Monk).

Operating as I was without reference material, these may not precisely resemble the creatures from the presently popular movie. I deny any responsibility for peculiar coloration, typos or misidentifications (not to mention excessive dentition).

Note: the accompanying icons incorporate some changes made the last night of MacHack to more closely resemble the dinosaurs from the aforementioned movie-and to correct a case of custom icon rot that seemed to have afflicted the Styracosaur icon-so they'll probably differ from those that conference attendees will have. I'd apply a version number to the changed collection, but in this context it might seem pretentious. :-)

The icons are provided as custom icons attached to vaguely descriptive TeachText files. They can be copied & pasted onto your folders & files via the Get Info window.

Mark Simmons (who still thinks the movie was better than the book)

Icons contained in set (6 icons)

Showing 1-6 of 6 icons
Showing 1-6 of 6 icons