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Posted: Jul 27, 2006


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Iconset: Copland 2 Icons by Iconfactory (41 icons)

Copland 2 Icons
Artist: Iconfactory (Available for custom work)
License: Free for personal desktop use only.
Commercial usage: Not allowed
Readme file: readme.html
Words from the Artist:
The Iconfactory first released the World of Copland Icon Collection back in Sept. of 1996 and it has since become one of our most popular creations. Everyone just seems to dig objects and folders that present themselves at that cool, funky Copland angle and we were only too happy when it came time to expand upon the original set.

The enclosed folder contains 41 icons based on the now infamous and defunct Mac OS code named Copland. While the OS was never be released in its original form, some aspects of Copland were used in Mac OS 8 and 9. Keeping with that theme and expanding upon what came before in volume 1, we've create more every day objects, techno/computer objects and just plain fun stuff. We hope you like the icons and we're sure you'll put them to good use.

Work Notes: These icons were hand-assembled pixel by pixel in ResEdit and Adobe Photoshop.

Icons contained in set (41 icons)

Showing 1-41 of 41 icons
Showing 1-41 of 41 icons