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User Group icon
Administrator icon
Office Girl icon
Folders OS User No Frame Metro icon
Administrator icon
Misc User icon
Folders OS User With Frame Metro icon
Places user home icon
Folder users icon
Folders Users Folder icon
Folders User Folder icon
Folders OS Groups Metro icon
Places user image icon
Status user idle icon
Status user invisible icon
System user man icon
System user woman icon
Folder user icon
Places user bookmarks icon
Places user bookmarks icon
Places user desktop icon
Places user home icon
Places user trash full icon
Places user trash icon
Preppy icon
Other Power Switch User Metro icon
Transformer group icon
ModernXP 15 Group icon
Apps system switch user icon
ModernXP 51 Folder Group icon
User icon
User icon
Groups icon
Administrator icon
Program Group icon
Administrator icon
User icon
Windows 7 user icon
User icon
Folder Users icon
Folder Users White icon
Folder Group White icon
Folder Group icon
Users icon
Apps users icon
Edit Users icon
User male icon
User female icon