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Preferences desktop keyboard shortcuts icon
Townspeople Human Fly icon
Rollover Bartacuda 2 icon
Bart Unabridged Clockwork Orange Bart icon
Folder Drooling Homer icon
Townspeople Kirk Van Houten icon
Bart Unabridged Beat up Bart icon
Mozilla monster icon
Misc Episodes Albanian general icon
Simpsons Family Bart icon
Eclipse icon
Townspeople Comic Book Seller icon
Guest Stars Hank Scorpio Albert Brooks icon
Neighborhood Kids Ralph Wiggum icon
King icon
Nami icon
Guest Stars Fabio icon
Guest Stars Siegfried icon
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Townspeople Judge icon
Guest Stars Red Hot Chili Peppers Flea icon
Guest Stars Bill Gates icon
Rollover Homer swills beer 2 icon
School Old teacher icon
Papa icon
Simpsons Folder Green Homer folder icon
Neighborhood Kids Just Coasting icon
Troll icon
TV Movie Krusty laughing icon
Townspeople Frinks death ray gun icon
Seahorse key ssh icon
Simpsons Family Santa Homer icon
Lisas Wedding Hughs father icon
Madagascar Gloria icon
Preferences system session services icon
Bongo Comics The Sequelizer Troy McClure icon
Folder Townspeople icon
Grouchy icon
Guest Stars Aerosmith Joe Perry icon
TV Movie Sideshow Luke Perry icon
Let It Snow icon
TV Movie Corporal Punishment icon
Emacs icon
Nuclear Plant Burns with toupee icon
Lisas Wedding Older Otto icon
Townspeople Frink attacking octopus icon
Bart Unabridged Terrified Bart icon
Lisas hairdo icon
Simpsons Folder Small icon
Misc Episodes Freak show manager icon
Guest Stars Barry White icon
TV Movie Barney 1 icon
Townspeople Professor Frink icon
Bart Unabridged Chef Bart icon
Outlook icon
Scim setup icon
Food pork chop icon
Rollover Willie 1 icon
TV Movie Roger Meyers icon
Accessories text editor icon
Public Figures Bleeding Gums Murphy icon
Dracula icon
Rollover Bart mooning 1 icon
Brook icon
Baroque Works icon
Army Chihuahua icon
Folder The Simpsons icon
TV Movie Channel Ocho Bee icon
Ooo gulls icon
Townspeople Snake icon
Brook icon
Townspeople Emily Winthrope icon