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Thanks so much for downloading Yellowlane's Winter Games icons! I do hope you enjoy them.

These icons are inspired by a couple of my favorite things to do when I'm not sitting behind my Mac — Skiing and Snowboarding. I've attempted to create a bit of community with these icons, including some colorful characters to brighten up your desktop.

Before I go too far though... Icons in Mac OS X rock! I've tried to create some of the icons where they can be layered, as you will see below. The possibilities are endless. Have fun stacking these up on your desktop!

Some of the icons are definitely taken from specific memories of mine during time I've spent in the Southern Rockies (Yes, the broken wrist really happened). Others are purely fictional, and figments of my imagination (or perhaps representations of who I'd be if I could be a ski bum!) Unfortunately, as time is always a constraint, I have not been able to put into icon form all the ideas I have had. So perhaps there will be a Winter Games 2 coming soon. We shall see!

Without Further Ado: Many thanks go to Joel, Rich, Mark, Chris, Wesso, and Keith for making the annual Red River trips with me. Thanks to Jon-Jon, L'il Robbie, Brandon, and Dewey for keeping me primed during the off-season. Long live the Caribel, The Lift House, The Sundance, Texas Reds, and Shotgun Willies. And special thanks to Drew Judycki, for getting us lift tickets every year —you rock!

More Thanks: To Rob, for keeping me up to speed with all that is OS X and more — and for actually USING my icons. Thanks to Jon for your endless encouragement. Thanks to Jenni and Mrs. Bodiford, for being Super-Fans! And finally, thanks to all who have downloaded the Macintosh Garden, Café Macintosh, and Cute Feet icons. You have kept me inspired and motivated!

Most Special-est Thanks: To my biggest fan: My beloved and beautiful wife Rachel, thanks for your constant love and the creativity that you bring to me. And thanks for bringing me cookies and ice cream too! I love you!

Thank to all for your interest and support! Read the legal stuff below, and in lieu of any fee for usage, I'd love it if you would take the time to read the attached Note From the Artist, and drop me line to let me know what you think of the icons!

LEGAL: The Winter Games icons are 2002 Josh Williams and Pure Imagination Studios. The Winter Games icons may be used and downloaded freely on a personal or non-commercial site so long as a link is provided to A commercial website is one where some product or service is sold (including shareware applications). The enclosed icons may be used on such a website upon approval by the artist. All requests for approval must be made prior to uploading of the icons to the commercial website. Any distribution must be done without fee or compensation of any kind. The Read Me and all other files must accompany the icons in any form of distribution.