Stanley Sy (starvingartist)

About Antiseptic

These icons were created as part of the Antiseptic suite.

The Antiseptic icon style combines the detail and shading of Apple's Copland icons with the perspective of Microsoft's Windows icons to create distinctive icons with great clarity at different sizes.

Legal Stuff

This icon set is provided for personal desktop use only. You may not redistribute or sell these icons for any goods or services. You are free to redistribute this set provided you do not add, remove or modify anything in the set, including this "Read Me" file.

If you want to do the following, you must contact the author to get permission:

  1. use the icons on a personal/commercial webpage
  2. modify the icons, create derivative works, or export into other formats (GIF, PNG, etc.)
  3. include this icon set for commercial purposes (CDs, magazines, etc.)
  4. include it as part of a icon suite or package
  5. include it as part of a software program


Version 4.0 (8/7/2009)

All the latest next-generation videogame consoles! Totally revamped icons for ps3, xbox and wii. Added in a few classic systems. Major tweaks to everything else! 42 icons in total!


Version 3.0 (6/22/2005)

Renamed to "Antiseptic Videogame System Icons" 33 icons in total!


Version 2.0 (7/17/2001)

"Antiseptic Console Icons 2"

Minor tweaks to all the version 1.0 icons Now, in addition, are a few classic consoles from old time rivals sega, nintendo and snk.


Version 1.0 (03/24/2001)

"Antiseptic Console Icons"

All the latest next-generation videogame consoles from Sega, Nintendo, Sony, and Microsoft in Antiseptic icon style! 32x32 and 16x16 icons in 256 colors!