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From the Artist

July, 1997
by Gedeon Maheux

As a kid I spent a lot of time in planetariums, I mean A LOT. I loved space and the possibilities of one day exploring space and our solar system. I remember hearing about the Pioneer and Voyager missions to explore some of the outer planets, in fact I even did some school reports on them. Even though I never ended up becoming an astronaut, I still like to find nice dark fields and stare up at the sky. I share a passion for the universe that many others have dedicated their lives and careers to. As I write this, there are some very talented individuals at the Jet Propulsion Lab steering a little robotic rover around the surface of Mars... of Mars!

This icon set is dedicated to all the people at NASA, JPL and particularly the Johnson Space Center who have been in a bitter fight to keep their beloved Macs. These little pictures are to say thank-you for doing everything I always wanted but couldn't because I hated math! You all have very good reason to be proud of your accomplishments and I for one applaud you, bravo!

The enclosed folder contains 62 hand-drawn Space Icons. The Space Icon collection provides students, educators and people with a love for space, a way to put part of the solar system on their desktops. Every planet in the solar system as well as most of the major satellites are represented. In addition, many of NASA's space vehicles including Voyager, Pioneer, and the latest entry, the Sojourner Rover have a place in the collection. If you have an affinity for space, an interest in the planets or NASA then Space Icons are for you.

Thanks: It may sound kind of cheesy, but big thanks go out to the late Carl Sagan. Cosmos was one of my favorite TV shows as a kid and it only served to feed my hunger for knowledge about space. Sagan WAS a role model for many of us "nerd" kids and I'm glad I was able to appreciate at least some of what he tried to teach us about the universe and our place in it.

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