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October, 1999
IF Halloween '99 Icons by Gedeon Maheux, Talos Tsui, Corey Marion, Dave Brasgalla

Any long-time supporter of the Iconfactory can tell you that Halloween is definitely our favorite holiday! We love the whole spooky, creepy, unspeakable atmosphere of dread and undeadness (it's almost like using Windows). This year, we decided to do a sort of "grab-bag" and each do icons in our favorite personal style. Gedeon has added some characters to his famous KidCons series - and these kids, only a mummy could love! Talos has thrown a permanant scare into his popular Yosemite folders, while Corey ruefully probes the mortal remains of his SketchCons. Finally, Dave exhumes tiny tales of terror from his cobwebbed pixel-crypt...

Happy Halloween, and don't blame us if you have to sleep with the lights on! : )

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