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About the Set
They say you should write about what you know, and I'm sure roughly the same applies to drawing. Having spent a year in the land of the All Blacks, I thought I would explore some of the impressions of New Zealand/Aotearoa.

Some of the Icons in the set might be unfamiliar to someone not versed in Kiwi culture, but it's a rough idea of the sights and objects that stayed in my memory after travelling through the country as a sunburnt Irishman. This is also intended more as a backpacker set than a tourist board one. Also some things just make crap icons, no matter how you cajole them onto a desktop. That said, there may be a follow up set for any glaring omissions.

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Phrases Used
Aotearoa: The original name for New Zealand which means "Land of the Long White Cloud"
Moko: Maori Facial Tattoo
A traditional meeting house in the Maori community.
Beehive: The Government Building in Wellington.
Mount Taranaki: A distinctive mountain in the North Island.
Bach: A holiday home/beach hut.
Jandals: The humble holiday sandals.
Buzzy Bee : A staple of every Kiwi's toy box
L&P: A concoction not allowed outside of New Zealand's borders. Stands for Lemon & Paeroa.

The Kiwi Slang Dictionary will provide some explanation as to any other phrases used in this set.

Cian Walsh
Icon Designer

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